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GPH summerland and Penticton air conditioning and refrigerators

  • A small refrigerant leak undetected even for a short period will cause loss of refrigerant, potential equipment failure and a decrease in efficiency.
  • Some refrigerants are known to be ozone depleting and the impact that leaks have on our environment are serious.

A central air conditioning unit in Canada will run for approximately 8 hours per day, 125 days per year. This will result in your compressor and system running for approximately 1000 hours per year. A preventative maintenance program is designed to maintain your equipment in top mechanical condition for the longest period before necessary replacement.

Other major advantages to a Preventative Maintenance program are as follows:

  • Studies show that it is possible to restore the overall efficiency of the cooling system approximately 4% to 14%.
  • Dirty air filters will reduce the air flow through a system up to 12%. Having your filters changed as part of planned maintenance ensures maximum cooling air flow and reduced electrical consumption and wear on the fan motor.
  • During preventative maintenance inspections, an air conditioning unit’s refrigerant pressure is checked. This procedure will help determine if there is any leakage in the system. A loss in refrigerant can reduce a system’s efficiency by up to 60%. Moreover, unnoticed refrigerant loss can lead to very expensive recharging.

In general preventive maintenance maximizes comfort, increases system capacity, lowers operating costs and insures longer equipment life.