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GPH summerland and Penticton air conditioning and refrigerators

Dirty Filters

Filters should be changed every three months. When a filter is dirty, air can't move freely though it, causing a reduction of efficiency which leads to higher power consumption.  If a dirty filter is used for a long period of time it can cause your equipment to fail. Most home owners are capable of replacing the air filter themselves; however, in more complex cases contact us about a maintenance plan that will assure your system is running at full efficiency. 

Thermostat Setting

You can control your home's temperature to your personal comfort level; although, you should remember each degree of temperature represents about 3% of energy consumption. This means if you raise the thermostat setting from 23C to 26C, you will save about 15% on your energy bill.  Another way to save energy is to keep shades and draperies drawn on the sunny side of the house. A savings of 10-20% on a hot sunny days.

If you find that you need to turn the thermostat down low to cool your house, the problem may not be with your body but with a leak in either your pipes or you ducts. Our technicians can check for leaks and repair them.